The things I do for fic...

The things I do for fic...

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Actual sets were constructed for the cockpits of the Jaegers. They, along with the rig that controlled them were four stories tall and could drop fifteen feet. Guillermo del Toro described them as “a torture machine.”

Pacific Rim (2013)

I always wonder if Robert Maillet and Heather Doerksen saw their lives flashing before their eyes before that giant fucking plume of water hit them.


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so yeah the kitten that needs a home that my neighbor found??? my parents said they might consider fostering her IF my room is clean.

im gonna clean my room tomorrow no electronics till I’m done


if she gets along with our other cats my parents miGHT ADOPT HER

but none of those possibilities can happen at all if my room is messy.

this should be fun


imagevery fun

If you haven’t gotten too far yet, have you checked out “Unfuck Your Habitat” yet? GREAT inspiration!!

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True story.

When I was in 7th Grade, I almost set an Elementary School on fire while trying to microwave a cookie.

I was working at the concessions stand during a basketball tournament (my team was required to work because the tournament was being hosted in my School district), and, because I was hungry, I decided to use the microwave to heat up my cookie. My teeth were very sore due to me getting dental braces that week, so I decided to microwave it for a minute so it could be really soft.

It set on fire. 

The smoke alarm went off throughout the school.

The sprinkler system went off.

Basketball games that were going on at the time were cancelled.

Everyone had to evacuate the school and wait for the Police and Fire Department to show up. 


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Yeah but what about a fic that starts off like 7 bajillion Stony fics then suddenly—

"Tony, I’m so sorry," Pepper says, "I can’t do this any more, I can’t watch you putting yourself in danger while I sit on the sidelines wondering if you’ll come home safe this time."

Tony stares at her, his eyes wide and dark and sad. “But, Pepper—”

"Tony, make me some damned armor. Dark red, classy. I want to be flying by this time tomorrow."

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